I’m 27. Poutine is life. Loves a can of cream soda pop. And sour cream and onion chips.

I’m a leafs fan. Playin’ sports is a good time. Except basketball. Ugh, I hate basketball. Though, there was that one time I was heavily influenced by my fiancée to watch the entire Raptors playoffs. Yeh, that time last year, when I was even trying to find an English channel to watch the games in Athens, Greece. Turns out they got their own bball worries.

Outdoorsy. Likes a good adventure. Travel. Cliff jumping. Will try anything once. Besides hard drugs. Yeh, I wouldn’t try those…

Music: Dylan. Cat Steven’s. Janis Joplin. Amy Winehouse. Loves me some Stan Rodgers. The Hip. Cohen. U2. John Lennon. The Rumbolt Brothers.

Currently reading Lolita, which is on the top 100 CBC Books to Read Before you Die. I’m not planning on dying, but it took me 6 months to finish Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, so I best get a hard start. I was supposed to read Lolita during my English degree, but who doing an English degree got time for reading, when there’s so many more fun things to be at. Like, you know, George Street.