I don’t know how it’s possible that every night in Killarney is better than the night before but that quite simply is just how it is! It makes no sense, but nonetheless it is a fact!

As I just said to the lovely receptionist,  Siobhan, at the checkout, “I now believe there is such thing as too much fun for if I don’t get out of this town today I will surely die!”

Siobhan laughed while helping me figure out the train and bus schedule. She literally got on the phone to all stations as it is a holiday which means the schedule might be “all shagged up” and she didn’t want me to have to stand outside in the cold too long! What a darling right!?!


Yesterday, the morning following St. Paddy’s, I made the wise decision to stay a third night in this vibrant town, because, travelling with “the head I had on” as the Irish call it, would have been worse than terrible, and because all I’d seen of Killarney at that point was the inside of a pub or two or ten!

So, I slept in. Got up, got dressed and made my way out looking for whatever it was I was supposed to find.

I was hoping to stumble into The Killarney National park and/or the Ross Castle. So I walk out of town, end up in the middle of nowhere and start taking this little beaten path through the woods.

About ten minutes in and no sign of life later, I can pretty well hear my dads voice in my head asking me why the hell I’m walking, yah know, alone in the middle of nowhere, and think to turn back when a sign pops up and makes it known to me that the castle is 1.65kms thatta way!


So, I continue walking… and start passing some people and breathe a sigh of relief…for a few moments I was wondering what kind of wildlife existed in Killarney…and will I actually come face to face with a little leprechaun?!!

Well, I made it to the castle right in time for the final tour of the day which was starting, I kid you not, in 5 minutes. The tour was actually super cool and interesting. The weird thing about tours is I generally avoid them, but when I actually do them I always come away feeling somewhat accomplished. What a bunch of interesting little facts I have which will serve no purpose in my lifetime whatsoever. I mean…when’s the next time someone is going to ask me about mid-evil history and the construction of castle doors? (I’ll finish writing this blog and get a call from my sister first thing wanting to know what’s with the castle doors?!?! )

Anyway, why am I at odds with tours? I have no idea. But nonetheless I recommend that one, the tour of Ross Castle if and when you’re in Killarney!



So, last night! Oh my God! After my day out exploring I went back to my room, had a hot shower, and took a nap. I woke up around 10ish and headed down to the pub below the stairs. Well, the music was fantastic as always…

And this lady next to me begins chatting to me, asks where I’m from, whether I’m travelling alone, and tells me how jealous she is that I’m doing this! I tell her that she sounds like all of my friends back home and we share a bunch of laughs and stories and become instant friends! She’s with her husband, they’d recently gotten married, and her husbands parents and her dad…

“Is it a special occasion?” I ask.

“No, we just like to go out,” she said.

The Irish, like us Newfoundlanders, obviously do not need a reason to head to a pub and enjoy a pint!


Eventually, and I don’t know why, I tell her how I won an arm wrestling competition back home…well, that started something! Within twenty minutes a chair and a table were set up and the entire bar went up. Cross my heart I beat her Dad, her husband, and an American woman whose husband threw 10 euro down on the match…. the bar was exploding with cheers… and then, they bring Richie out….

They can’t be letting this lassie from Newfoundland have the last laugh…So, Richie and I wrestle and people are cheering for Richie but I don’t mind…we’re at a deadlock and eventually I surrender…I’m not about to win, and Richie is not about to lose…the whole of Murphy’s Bar is counting on him!


What good fun! What a laugh! I just don’t understand what I’ve done to get to meet such incredible and amazing people! By the time the family was getting ready to leave they’d wanted a picture with me, I’d invited them all to Newfoundland, and we embraced like we’d known each other our entire lives!

I said goodbye to them at the door as though I owned the pub, and shortly thereafter grabbed my jacket and made my way to the next pub and then the next pub, and then to a nightclub…

I recall a shot of tequila…and then the bright idea that I needed to get home, because I have a flight Tuesday, and if I don’t get out of this town I might as well move in for good!

And today, I’m trying to catch a bus or a train or a plane to Dublin…if I spend another night in this beautiful, lively, wonderful town I’m afraid I may never leave!



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