Every Friday night for the past 20+ years, at 6:00pm at Murphy’s Bar in Killarney, Pat and Elvin share a brew. And well, last night, I just happened to sit next to these two gentleman at the bar…


Let’s rewind for a second. I didn’t know until yesterday morning I was even coming to Killarney, and when I arrived I still hadn’t a hotel. I just made my way up the busy, bustling city centre streets from the bus station and on that short walk stopped into this small guesthouse and asked whether they’d any rooms…

Turned out they did. Turns out I’m here…

And so, I slipped downstairs to take in the live traditional Irish music last night when a seat opened up and I found myself sitting next to Elvin and Pat. Both locals, both kind, charming and best of all hilarious!

I mean I am the type of girl who just wants to be laughing and smiling all the time!

Anyway, before I’d gotten Pat’s name, Elvin asked me to guess his name, he gave me two attempts he said…

“Pat,” I say naturally…

And they both laugh. Yes, yes Pat it is. Pat is a businessman in the area, he has a fantastic music store, and Elvin from what I gather is a financial advisor here in Killarney.

When I told them I was from Newfoundland Labrador, they lit up. And from then on, I was “Mandy, the lovely girl from Newfoundland.”

As the gentlemen went to take leave from the bar, I told them I wanted a picture of the three of us!

“What for Mandy?!? You’re coming with us, we love your company! We will protect you and take care of you forevermore!”

I mean, charming right!?! So, the two gentleman took me on a pub crawl and EVERYWHERE we went EVERYONE said hello to Pat and Elvin! And they introduced me as “Mandy, the lovely girl from Newfoundland.”

The by’s are apparently right on!

So, Elvin eventually calls ‘er a night and Pat and I go to a piano bar where, once again, Pat knows everyone, and introduces me to EVERYONE! Young and old, men and women, Irish locals everywhere! It is a dream!


By the time Pat is getting ready to leave, a crowd next to us is yelling, “Mandy stay with us for a drink!!!”

“Well, of course I will by’s!”

And what a time I had! The best night thus far. I’m sure the smile could not have been wiped from my face. I was just smiling from ear to ear THE entire night.

I had such a great time I couldn’t even stop to take pictures! I think I’ve got maybe one or two, and a video because the music was absolutely amazing!

On the way home I dropped into a small take out spot and had Chinese! Hehe…because, again, why the hell not?!?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Ireland friends and family! I’m being well looked after!



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