Well! I just got back to my hotel, put on some comfy clothes and threw my hair in a ponytail! I have seriously just had the best couple of days ever!

So, last night after I published my last blog, I headed out to The Blue Haven Bar/Bistro and had a pint of Guinness, which led to more Guinness which led to me meeting a couple new friends and closing that same bar at nearly 3am!


I was, I kid you not, one of three of the last men standing. An Irish man, a Welsh man, and me, me Mandy, that small town Canadian girl from L’Anse au Loup!

Anyway, my new friends, Elvin and Pat suggested that I give Killarney a try for St. Paddy’s. “Take a day trip to Dingle, but party in Killarney!” is the gist of what I heard. As I sit here I still haven’t booked my next hotel. So, yah, I’ll get on that shortly! Apparently Killarney is a time not to be missed. So, we shall see!

This morning I woke up at 9am and had a full Irish breakfast, and man, those mushrooms were AMAZING! Jesus they were good! And after breakfast, I got ready and went exploring this beautiful, little Irish town.


I walked to the Charles Fort which is about 6kms outside of Kinsale. The low, rolling green hills in the backdrop were simply stunning and there were daffodils EVERYWHERE. Man, it was just fantastic. Wordsworth would have been impressed!


Anyway, I’m at the Charles Fort standing atop of this absolutely beautiful mountain when I see this perfect rainbow fill the sky. The peace that went through me at that moment is and will always be just simply indescribable! What a day! And it gets better…IMG_5515

After I walked back towards town I stopped into The Bulman’s where I had more Guinness and the best burger I’ve eaten in my 28 years on earth!



The place was actually the bucket of gold at the end of a second rainbow! I mean…what?!?!




Guys! You’ve got to come check this place out! The food, the people, the land, it’s just a small piece of paradise. It’s fiddlers green.

So, I came home after all day exploring and I had a nap, because, hell, why not!?! And the gentleman I met from last night messaged me and told me there was good music on at Dalton’s Bar! So, I took a shower, got ready and headed out! And what a time I head. The band was fantastic. The music incredible. And somewhere in between an “old Irish boy” stood up and sang us a tune all in the name of St. Patrick’s Day!


He also, before leaving, gave me a shamrock he’d grown to wear on my jacket!?! What is this life!?!

I’m back at my hotel, happier than I’ve ever been. The town has shut down, and I can’t shut up!

Kinsale is but a dream.


Oh and…I’ll keep you updated! Xxx



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