IMG_1427I’m honestly so happy I could cry! I mean genuinely, for real! This country is just so beautiful, and being on the outer limits got me feeling like I’m in a scene from P.S I Love You!

I’ve seriously had THE best day. I landed in London this morning and made the connection onward to Dublin. Whilst in London I let this lady slip ahead of me in the customs line, and then shortly thereafter borrowed her pen. Because, of course, true to Mandy style, I have everything in my purse, from a swimsuit to toothpaste to lip liner (with which I seriously considered using) but heaven forbid I have a pen. Favour begets favour I guess?

So anyway, I thank her, and wish her well only an hour later to be seated next to this same woman on my connecting flight to Dublin…with a middle seat dividing us! I throw that in there because there’s something to be said about being fortunate enough to have that extra space on a flight. Especially an Air Linguis one! I mean…right?!?

So, I look at her and smile and I’m like, “Well, here we are again,” and we just started talking about everything. We shared a zillion laughs, a kazillion jokes and a bunch of stories and before I left her in the airport we hugged at least three times…

Sandra, as it turns out, is from Dublin. And so I’m asking her about the villages I’ve chosen to visit, and where I should go and what I should do. Rental car, no rental car?!

She has told me that I’ve picked the best of the best villages! She loves both Kinsale and Dingle. The rental car… well, maybe, maybe not. So I’m still undecided…driving means fewer pints! Am I willing to exercise that kind of responsibility?!?

She tells me in the last minutes we’re standing for the second time, in a second country, at passport security that I NEED to get an Irish breakfast and charge my phone before I catch my bus to Cork.

And I just looked at her, and me being the way I am, just say, “I feel like the universe is just holding me right now,” because honestly I felt thrilled to have spent that time on the plane getting to know more about her, and her homeland, and whether I had made a solid selection of the places I’d decided I’d visit. It was, I guess, reaffirming! I feel like I’ve won the jackpot! I just felt so entirely blessed!

And, she smiles in agreement. “We were meant to meet,” she says with a gentle nod and a kind smile.

Anyway, travel was so simple, and I was just so calm throughout everything which is a good thing when you struggle with anxiety the way I do. I just kind of took a relaxed approach and everything worked out accordingly. Here I am world, currently laying on my bed writing this blog from Kinsale with a spectacular view out my window!

I switched buses in Cork. And so I asked the second bus driver as we arrive at the main station in Kinsale, where the hotel was and he let everyone off at the station and drove me a kilometre up the road!

“Have a seat my love, I’ll take yah a little further,” he says to me, just as an older gentleman got off, flashed me a smile and told me not to “drink too much while in town.”

I promised him I wouldn’t make that promise and he winked and wished me a good time. Ah, you charming Irish people, you!

I am told this town thrives off of tourism in the summer, but there are only locals here at present, which is a huge score! Authentic, charming, beautiful little Irish town get at me!

It’s 6:55pm local and so it’s just about that time to get a shower and head to a pub and have a Guinness wouldn’t you say?!

Sending love from this quaint little town! ❤️

Xx Mandy





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