IMG_1388So, last week I booked myself a flight to Ireland because…well because, why the hell not?! And well, also, it’s St. Paddy’s! I mean is there anywhere else on God’s green earth you’d rather celebrate?!

And so I’m sitting in the airport now, drinking a pint of Quidi Vidi and takin’ it all in. I’ve got an hour and a half to kill before boarding, first stop London, second stop Dublin.

Because, I’ve been to Ireland a few times now, and I’ve done Dublin and Galway, I’m looking to spend more time on the countryside!

So, I’ve decided to take the bus straight to Cork when I land (where I may or may not get a rental car) and then head to Kinsale for two nights, then Dingle for St. Paddy’s weekend, Adare for a night and then on back to Dublin so I can catch my flight out next Tuesday.

Kinsale apparently has amazing food! Population according to Wiki 5, 281.


I know nothing about anything. I’ve at this point simply booked a place in Kinsale for tomorrow evening and the following. I may have splurged, but hey! I derve that! Here’s my hotel room guys! Don’t be hating!

Trident Hotel in Kinsale:


Plans are, if you know me at all, always subject to change. I’m just really wanting to explore and move myself off the beaten path.

I know a fancy, shamancy hotel seems little contradictory but you know what…busted!! I kinda want to treat myself to a bit of everything!

Why do I wanna get outa the city?! The funny thing about being a tourist is you never want anyone to know you’re a tourist, and you don’t want to travel somewhere to be surrounded by all other tourists! I mean, where’s the fun in that!?

Everyone’s asking me, yah know, “Mandy, who are you going with girl?!” And the answer is…ummmmm…myself! I vowed 2018 would be the year I get to spend more time getting to know me, know what I’m comfortable with and not comfortable with, who I am and who I’m not.

And part of that is deliberately making decisions and doing things that I WANT to do….

Which right now means going to Ireland for St. Paddy’s Day and staying in some small, charming village and not really having any solid plan at all, talk to some locals, explore with the wind in my hair by day and a Guinness in my hand by night!

Life is such a wonderful, beautiful experience. It’s a shame when we don’t take the time to live it as beautifully and as wonderfully as we can!

So, plans are Dublin to Cork, Cork to Kinsale, then perhaps Dingle and Adare, but we’ll see! Nothing set in stone, as is the way in which I generally like to live my life!!

And here it comes guys…YOLO!

This picture of Adare just completely captivated me though so I am really hoping to get there! But we’ll see!


Stay tuned friends!

Xx Mandy



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