“Say a prayer for me, Mandy,” he’d said
as I took his pale, frail hand in my own.
and I held in my tears as I turned my cheek.
What am I to pray for?
That the suffering will end?
I didn’t know that I could do that,
I didn’t know what that would mean.

So, I prayed for all of us instead.
For you and for me.
I pray that when it’s your turn to make
the transcendence from this world into
whatever awaits you in the next
that it is a swift jolt to a heart
that loved with the strength of the roaring ocean
that takes you out.

Or that you close your eyes, eyes that have seen thousands of beautiful sunsets, and at the end of that day
you are in your warm bed
aged and beautiful
not to put your feet to the floor once more.

Because cancer,
cancer strips and dehumanizes and disguises
And eats alive
That belonged to the person I loved,
Leaving only bones and pain
And all of our broken hearts in its wake.



10 thoughts on “Calling All You Angels

    1. I feel that it takes both. I’ve watched the person I love be unable to speak, to express themselves, I’ve seen the agitation and the discomfort and the upset and the anger. I’ve sat in a room and felt like that same person was no longer there… cancer, in my opinion, takes everything…leaves nothing but sadness and pain and grief and the end draws near… does that make sense?


      1. Yes, that makes sense. And I’m sorry for the grief and pain you are feeling.
        I recently lost my uncle to cancer and I’ve lost other family to it, but I guess thru the process and thru care provision work, I also gained more intimacy with them too. And altho I get sad they are gone and I miss them, I still have so much of what they passed on. I can hear their voices, like what they’d say all the time, and I find myself laughing…
        Thanks for your reply. And you’re right to feel however you do and take time to be real with that. Grief is different for everyone and so is cancer, soI hope I didn’t sound like I was telling you how to feel.
        peace and healing wishes to you Mandy.


  1. Hi Mandy,

    Trust you are well. I have read a few of your posts / commentaries.

    This one is beautiful and it speaks to me.

    Take care

    Mr. Casey

    Sent from my iPad



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