Into the Void

We are each but a speck in time, a falling star, across a vast dark sky, dust, stardust, in an unforgiving universe  that we can't yet even begin to understand. -Mandy


Leaning into Happiness; Leaning into this Disease

So, I called my mom yesterday afternoon to, you know, check in and I hear myself say to her, "Mom, I've been feeling so unbelievably happy lately," and my mom, being the mom she is, says to me,"Well, Mandy, I hope it's like that forever and ever and always." Me too, Mom. Meeeeee too. I…

The Brit-M Philosophy

During Christmas of this year, I went and spent a night with one of my very best friends, Brittany. We backpacked Europe together in 2015 and returned again in 2016 and share a burning passion for travelling and just life in general. And so, we’re chatting about life, and relationships, and our intuition, and heartbreak etc., over a glass of…