IMG_1392.JPGFall has long been my favourite time of year. Fall, awe, the season of scarfs, and coffee’s and cozy, loose sweaters, and long boots. And orange, and pink, and yellow skies.

And knitted socks, and friends and laughter.

It’s a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. New pencils, and crayons and exercise books. Blank pages just waiting for ink to spill.

I love the fall. The air. The crispness. I love pumpkin patches and falling leaves and the first snowfall.

How bout you? What beats that perfect fall day for you?

Anyway, the other night I was driving around town with the window down. And the beautiful full moon was so high in the sky, and I felt so nostalgic.

I couldn’t wait for hockey to start up. I couldn’t wait to get my feet back in my skates and on the ice. It was the hockey bag over your shoulder kinda feel. The late night run around L’Anse au Loup kinda feel. It was the warmth of my dads hug. And tea and toast before bed. The startup of volleyball.

I just felt like, I don’t know, I had somehow transcended, if only for a brief moment in time, back to the tender age of 16. Where I felt so safe, and so sure. So protected and so loved.

And it was the good highschool stuff. Like ball tournaments, and driving endlessly for hours, and breaking curfews, and a secret beer, and turning 18 and falling in love for the first time. And heading to the rink to watch my dad and brothers play hockey.

Or to play hockey myself.

Sometimes, I think we honestly forget how fortunate we are just to breathe the air. I mean, just breathe. Linger in that. We are more blessed than we realize.

I feel like I’ve been asleep, and I’m only starting to now wake up. To realize that man, this life is what you make of it! You can do and be and go wherever you want to go.

Create that bucket list. Do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing. Every day is a beautiful, new beginning.

I think all the tragedies this past summer have really helped me to reawaken to my mortality.

I’ve always been a free bird. That’s how my friends and family often describe me. I follow my heart, and I go head long into things.

I do what I want. What feels right.

So, last week this thing happened. I walked outside my door and there was a dead bird on the step. It had flown into my window and died. So, super sad right? Right?

Anyways, a couple days later, while sitting in the same room near the same window, I heard a thump at the window, and putting two and two together, I went outside where I found a little bird, and I picked the bird up and held it in my hand.

I brought it in my house and I tried to feed it. Poor little guy was a little stunned. Anyway, it came to and started flying around my house. And then back into my hand. And I brought it outside and I opened my hands and it flew away.

And for some reason, that moment had this huge impact on my life. Just the whole idea of freedom and flying. Flying free. And beautifully.


Anyway, it’s weird the little things that happen that somehow drive home some deeper philosophy.

Like the idea that we can be either alive and free, or, well, just plain dead. Life is so short. Make the right decision. Feel. Feel alive. Be alive. You were destined to fly.

If you’ve got your health, man, you’ve got everything you’ll ever need.

Love always,



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