Many friends of mine and of my family have been writing to check in on my oldest brother and his wife, and their three beautiful children who live in Houston, Texas.

Houston, if you haven’t tuned into the news in like a week, has been hit be a catastrophic storm.

Hurricane Harvey has swept through Texas and has left ruin and desolation in its place. Parts of the city are beneath 16 feet of water and potentially more. Entire intersections, and feeders have become basically waterways.

It’s terrifying.

Some people have literally had to chop a hole out of their roofs to seek refuge on the top of their houses until rescue can arrive.

And the rescue missions are proving to be extensive. I read somewhere as of yesterday, 3,500 people had been rescued from life and death situations, while another 1000 calls were left in, I guess, limbo for some time.

There are people who have lost absolutely everything. It’s gut wrenching. I was visiting with my brother, his family and my parents, in this wonderful city in July. I mean just a month ago.

And now these people, who have built their lives will have to rebuild anew. It’s going to take time for this city to get back on its feet.

As far as I’m aware, Houston is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the US. And the 4th largest. A densely populated city where millions of people are scrambling for their lives.

This past week I have woken up all hours to check in, or text or message or phone my brother. Friday night he told me a tornado touched down just 10 miles from his house. Have I mentioned I have anxiety? He’s telling me not to worry. I’m basically freaking out for them.

Anyway, my sister in law has taken to social media to keep us updated. And though her entire property is swamped in water, you can plainly hear in her voice her concern for those who still have it worse than her.

She’s still cracking a couple jokes, like the kids slide out back is now a neat little waterside. Or they now have a riverside property. And you know, that’s how I guess we survive these things. With humour and compassion and dignity.

We have no control over the weather. I told my brother, who had this boyish like grin on his face Monday night, telling me everything would be fine, that we Labradorians are use to blizzards, not hurricanes and tornadoes.

They’ve moved everything upstairs and are prepared. And the girls are you know so small, that all they want are some marshmallows and probably the movie Trolls on.

For everyone who has been asking how they are. I guess this is the best update I can give you, as received from Shannon just a couple minutes ago.

“We haven’t flooded overnight, levels around our house stayed the same overnight, didn’t rise or recede, the city had threaten to turn our power off but they didn’t. So far no change since mid afternoon yesterday.”

As of right now, they are surrounded by water, but still have power. They’re going to stay another night in their home and decide what to do in the coming hours.

Love to everyone. I’m going to look into starting a relief effort to donate to those who are residing in shelters. If anyone is interested in donating let me know and I’ll see what I can figure out.



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