Tonight, whilst watching a documentary on the civil war, this letter was featured at the end. A letter written by Major Ballou to the love of his life, his wife Sarah, a week prior to being killed on the battlefield. I have never heard nor read anything more beautiful nor more powerful in the entirety of my life, nor is it likely that I ever will.

I am absolutely floored and equally blown away. And I feel privileged and honoured to have been able to bare witness to such a timeless and beautiful piece of writing.

I am glad this entered my path tonight. And I hope you take the time to listen. This is the love that you deserve.


6 thoughts on ““Sarah, my love for you is deathless,” Sullivan Ballou.

      1. I had watched that PBS documentary series on the Civil War. I don’t remember that letter in particular, but the series did use a lot of excerpts from many soldiers’ letters to the folks back home. Very poignant. These were young men who had probably never been more than 10 miles from home before and now they were half way across the continent, caught up in that monumental experience. And they wrote about their feelings to those back in the small towns and farms.

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      2. Yes! That’s the one I’ve started watching and you’re right, these men had never journeyed away from home. It’s quite remarkable and tragic and oh so very sad. But out of tragedy and war the deepest and most complex experiences of human emotion can be felt and this letter for instance was really quite extraordinary as were the other letters, and the words of the great men who lived during this era. Quite outstanding!

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      3. I found the series really touched the human element of the Civil War, including the experience of the slaves. I like the historian, Shelby Foote, who provides commentary, often with wry humor. And I love his accent!
        The documentary maker, Ken Burns, also did a remarkable series on the American experience during World War II.


  1. Very moving and very sad. It makes me appreciate my wife and feel sorry for not treating her better. I wish I could die and be a hero but I am plagued to go on loving her day by day little by little making mistakes without fanfare an ordinary non heroic love. But wait. How many divorce? How many become frustrated to the point of giving up ? There is a heroism in the old couple too who have honored their commitment for many years.


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