I don’t know about you, but for pretty much my entire life, I was that person who was always waiting for the next big thing to happen.

Somehow, I believed, satisfaction and contentment and happiness was off somewhere in the distance. It was down the road playing hide and seek.

And so I’ve always thought I would be happy when a, b, c or d finally happened.

First it was graduating high school and leaving home. Then it was graduating university. And then it was once I got a job, once I got a house, once I got… and on and on it went.

My mind was always forcing me into some future where everything would be okay when, well, when I had accomplished the next big thing.

I felt like, I don’t know, that I didn’t deserve happiness yet. That happiness was something I had to earn.

But that’s not how life works. That concept is imaginary. Life is what you make of it each and every single day that you’re alive.

And happiness, well happiness, is ultimately a way of life that you choose. That’s right. You decide. You decide whether you’re allowed to be happy or not. You decide whether you deserve to be happy.

And I honestly think that’s why some people end up in these abusive and unhealthy relationship. It’s because they don’t think they deserve better. That they don’t deserve to be happy, for whatever reason.

Anyway, you don’t exist in the past. You don’t exist in the future. Those are constructs that your mind recreates, or imagines. They are projections that you make based on your lived experience.

And the reality is this:

You only ever exist in this moment, right here and right now.

The past is gone. It doesn’t exist. The future hasn’t yet come. All you have is the here and now. The present. That’s all we get. We aren’t promised anything. The universe doesn’t owe us anything.

We didn’t sign a contract good for 85 years. In fact, not a further second in your life is promised to you.

So enjoy it!!

Who’s to say you’ll ever accomplish that next big thing anyway? And I can almost guarantee you that there’s nothing you can buy or win or accomplish that’s going to give you inner peace and happiness.

There are a load of rich, famous, and successful people who are downright miserable. And there are a load of people who have next to nothing that are exuberant.

I met a man once who told me that he use to be a rich man, but he had nothing. Now, he’s a poor man, and he has everything.

In reality, he’s the richest that he’s ever been now that he’s poor.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to accomplish things and set goals for yourself. Hell yah you should always be doing that. The point though is that you should enjoy the journey just as much. Because everyday on that journey gets you from where you are to where you’ll be. And everyday is a day in your life.

I watched this movie once that talked about the importance of the dash of life. Do you know what dash that is?

It’s the dash between the day you were born and the day you die. You see that dash is the life you lived. That dash includes every journey you started and failed and every journey you started and triumphed over.

That dash marks the life you lived. The ups and downs. Everything.

It doesn’t mark the days when you arrived at that next big thing. The date you bought your house isn’t etched on there, or the day you were promoted to CEO. It marks the entirety of the journey of your life.

So don’t enjoy bits and pieces of that dash. Enjoy the entirety of it. Enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy every Monday. Or at least try to.

Life is so freaking short. Don’t wake up tomorrow and wonder what happened to today.

As Bob Marley so brilliantly said, “live the life you love, love the life you live,” or the other way around.

Anyway, peace guys. Xxx


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