“You see, I don’t look unwell. I look absolutely okay. A little distant maybe. Lost in the waves of this immense ocean. But in an hour, I may smile, I may laugh, I may crack a joke. But all the while, what he doesn’t know is that depression has a tight hold on me. During that laughter, it still falls like a waterdrop in the background of a sunny day. It’s often always there, and even if I do forget it, it’s only until I remember after the laughter has passed, that the depression hasn’t. Depression is like a bad joke that takes a while to forget. At least for a while longer.”

– Mandy


2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Dear Mandy, I get it. I’m there too. I’ve been there for quite some time, in that dark, cold, lonely hole that is depression. I know pain. I know laughter. I can only fake the latter. If you ever need to talk, please reach out. Hugs. Cheila


    1. Same to you girl…there’s light at the end of the battle, followed by some gray, shady days, but you’ll make it through..and you’ll come out the other end stronger than what you went in! Take care of yourself, put yourself first and foremost. Keep getting up in the morning.. we can do this darling. xoxo and if you ever need to chat…drop me a line. xxxxx


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