AtonementInnocence, Ashes and Burnt Wood 

If that cold wind should blow 
Do you know 
Who will be there? 
And what then, will you believe 
In; when all you’ve conceived 
Turns to venom and lies? ...

Smoke from the hearth, 
The hearth, his heart, the same; hers once aflame, 
Now, all ashes and burnt wood. 

Her earth shattered and upon an inward 
glance; you became the eye in your own hurricane, 
A calm trance, as everything else went up in flame and 
Turmoil twisted all around. 

The smoke, this heat, a dream? No. 
He, indeed, rose upward high, hard within her 
Once to make her moan, twice he made her scream; 
How now a thought can suffocate! 

The Smoke moves in. 
Veins dilating, doomed, deprived. 
Innocence Starved. 
Skin flush; lungs desperate for breath, 

In the glass her streams, unveiled, 
Salty-sensual, alas, fall upon numbed lips. 
A world apart, a broken heart, your world’s derailed. 

He has played his pipes for you 
Beckoning and follow you so do, 
Like a child led astray. 

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