He’s readily distracted by his lack of ambition,
Eagerly he awaits a full transition,
Into new years which may tear him apart,
He’s learned to lean on the thump of his heart,
He’s promised himself, you know, that he’s going to stand strong,
All along he’s confused right from wrong,
But independence can be a worthy admission,
In a world that battles indecision,And in a meadow where cattle graze,
He seeks unity, but finds little praise,
Strumming the chords on his guitar,
He, too, will travel far,

You probably suspect he’s never cried,
Like the heroin he’s never tried,
So spirtual he’s never lied,
But today he’s up against a smaller tide,
Oh, how beautiful the sun it sets,
It consumes all of his regrets,
And out of the sky, a small drop of rain,
It eases away all his pain,

A breeze of wind wraps him in,
It’s wiped away his prior sin,
He makes his way back to his car,
Yes, he too, will travel far,


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