To travel is to escape. To escape from all the monotony and perhaps, even, the flatness of every day life. The tedious chores, the same ol’ same. Travelling is my drug of choice. When I’m moving about the way I have been, meeting all these unique people, I feel so, you know, inspired. And mentally I feel extraordinary.

It’s like I got my fix. Travelling is my vice. And I love it.

Right now, as I write this, I’m sitting on my bed, with a wideopen balcony, the wind is blowing through the room and through my hair. I can see the ocean, the infinity pool, the rainforest surrounding us. We are up in the mountains and it’s so beautiful. So absolutely perfect. I feel, well, I feel free. I feel beautiful and wonderful. I feel like I want to miss my flight out of this perfect place at 3:45pm today. But I won’t. I can’t. Because life means bills, and the bills are amounting. And because, I actually love my job and am excited to get back to it.

The resort I am at right now, Tet Rouge, is very much my kinda speed. It’s just got this feel good vibe. A place I would like to return to with a group of friends. There’s an outside shower, along with the inside one, where you can step outside and stare up at the world-famous Piton. And the stars, or the beautiful blue sky. This resort has its own fridge, and stove, and kitchen cabinets, and all the essentials so that you can prepare your own meals. There’s a supermarket near by where you can pick up whatever it is you need.

You can also order from the menu as there is a local chef on site. We ordered the shrimp salad as an appetizer, the catch of the day, and chicken. A bottle of wine, and fruit salad. And it was terrific. Very good food.

And so, back to the bedroom, you step down from the kitchen into a beautiful, spacious, haven, where you can sit as I am sitting, with the doors pushed wide open and stare at the sea, and the trees, and the pool. The whole horizon is in front of me. And lord knows how I have missed the ocean. Last night I went for a late night swim in the pool. There’s a bar ten minutes away. You could hear the old country music playing, and it was, a really nice added touch.

We contemplated going out and visiting, but, it’s our last night here on this romantic island, in this romantic villa and so we opted to relax. To take a swim. To star wide eyed at the stars. And to hold on to the magic of this beautiful, peaceful island for a while longer.

If you decide you want to visit this resort, my recommendation would be to rent a car such that you can drive around to all the tourist attractions in the nearby area. There’s sulfur mud baths, amazing snorkeling, mineral water, and the famous Piton all within a 30 minute drive.

But keep in mind, for us Canadians, they drive on the other side of the road, and the road is rather full of twists and turns. And so, you can arrange to do the tours, if you are uncomfortable driving.

If you have any questions about location and are considering coming you can always shoot me an email and I will help where I can. But for now, I must go check into my flight back to Canada. And get a hotel in Toronto for the night.

But I will be back.

Thank you Diana for your help in arranging our one night stay at your lovely resort.

Much Love,



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