So, it’s my final night at East winds and it has been an absolute pleasure to stay at this resort. I’m going to give you a break down of what you can expect if you’re reading this blog and contemplating coming here for your holiday.


My first impression was documented in the post, I have Died and Gone to Heaven. Which is exactly how I felt and how I still feel.

We have our own cottage, the deluxe cottage room, and it’s stunning. I could not be happier with this room. Everything is beautiful and perfect. The ceiling is absolutely gorgeous, 16 feet, and so unique. Weird to get so caught up in the ceiling but it’s just so cool. And when the rain blasted on our roof the first night it sounded incredible. I got this cozy, warm feeling right in my heart. Moved my soul. And I settled into happiness. Into bliss.


So, the room has a comfortable bed. The bathroom has a walk-in shower, that you step down into. Very beach like, very cool. And it is so clean. Housekeeping really do a fantastic job. There’s also a fridge outside on our balcony which is restocked daily. A refreshing Piton (the name of the local beer) is a real treat. And super nice to enjoy before and/or after dinner.


The property is astounding, with a beautiful garden situated throughout the area. The grounds are stellar. Immaculate. With stone walkways, and white painted bridges, a yoga pavilion and a spa on site. I had a message today and it was freaking fantastic. Hello, feel good Friday!


Walking around the stone walk ways, you will be met with a couple crabs crawling in and out of their little crab holes, and beautiful yellow breasted birds flying about. I fed one right out of my hand. The wildlife is pretty cool. I adore seeing the little crabby-crabs. They’re so cool doing their crab thing…

Anyway, it’s extremely quite and peaceful here. Aside from the birds chirping, and the tree frogs at night and the ocean waves breaking, and an occasional pouring from the heavens against your rooftop, and a scatter “good morning,” if you’re looking for peace and quiet, East Winds has got you.


The resort is situated right on the ocean, and the ocean is crystal clear. We have swam every single day. And at night. I have actually watched the sunset go down whilst swimming in the Caribbean with my future husband at my side (side note: Steve and I are getting married a year from today!!).


So, great room, great location, great beach, beautiful garden, palm trees..what else am I missing?

Oh yeah…food!

So, it’s an all inclusive. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is FANTASTIC. I mean, absolutely amazing. And dinner (what we call supper in Newfoundland) is an event all on its own. Prepare to sit down and order a four course meal. Every. Single. Night.

And what’s better is that supper is paired with a variety of wines that you can try, and enjoy with your mouth-watering dinner. The food is actually amazing. And there are a tonne of choices.


If during the day you decide you’re a little hungry there’s also a lunch menu that you can order from. And your waited-on hand and foot. Staff are constantly checking on you to refill your drink, or to check to see how your day is or whether there is anything that they can do to make your day a little more special.


Note that if you do decide to come, your man will need some long pants. We had to run out and get some at the local mall.

Research and try to avoid hurricane season. It’s hurricane season now, apparently, but we have been extremely fortunate with beautiful weather every day.

And tipping. The tip is included in the price of your room. And if you prefer to leave a tip at the end of your stay in addition, you’re asked to do so upon check out.

I think that pretty much covers it. We opted out of excursions. We really just wanted to chill, relax, swim, eat and drink, and enjoy each others company. Just total peace and relaxation. And we got it.

We did a sunset cruise one night, last night actually, and it was wonderful. Champagne on the ocean. Yeah, well, sign me up for that one. And while I told myself I would wake to do yoga, I didn’t. I let the yoga slide, and replaced it with meditation on the beach chair!


If you’re looking to book, get in touch with the hotel. I was in touch with Glenda and she was a great help. Perhaps there are discounts available for the dates you’re looking at travelling.

Tomorrow, Steve and I are heading to Tet Rouge. I have been in touch with Diana there and am looking forward to seeing what the rest of St. Lucia has to offer.

Much Love,



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