I have died and gone to heaven. Seriously. I have never been to a more beautiful place in my entire life. And I’ve been to 20+ countries, 50+ cities around the world. I have found my paradise.

St. Lucia is unlike any place I have ever been before. It’s uniqueness is, for me, comparable to Croatia but still completely different. Totally different. Every corner you turn equates to a new, geographical masterpiece.

Steve and I arrived at our hotel, East Winds, yesterday around 3pm! The ride from the airport was approximately an hour and half, allowing us to have a tour of this Caribbean island from the south to the north. It’s seriously unreal. And our cab driver was superb.


“Everyone needs their freedom,” he said, and then added, “you can’t put a bird in a cage.”

Beautiful. Beautiful words.

And so we arrive at our hotel, with the champagne on ice. Our own personal cottage. An organic and authentic, peaceful and quiet resort. Where all the staff welcome you and call you by name.

It’s the lifestyle of the rich and famous as our new friend, Junias put it best. And we, my friend, are neither rich nor famous. But I feel like a kazillion bucks. Actually, I feel better than that. I feel, well, I feel so incredibly amazing being here that there’s nothing that’s going to strip the smile off my voice today.

I’ve already swam in the Caribbean. Had breakfast. Had a mimosa, and listened to some Bob Marley tracks. And it’s Monday morning.

I could kiss the ground I walk on. The air. The salt. The waves. This room. My life is…complete.




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