I’m writing this post in support of all the people back home standing up for and protesting against the conditions of the “excuse for pavement” on our highway.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m from a small community on the Southeast coast of Labrador. The pavement that was laid down connecting the communities of this coastal drive have not been stripped and paved in my lifetime. Some 30 years as far as I am aware.

The conditions are a disgrace. And we live in one of, if not, the most beautiful places on earth. Situated right off the Atlantic. Our lighthouse is the second tallest in the country. Red Bay is home to a UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site.

And tourism boosts our economy. And we depend on a healthy economy so our villages and towns can prosper. But aside from tourism, Labrador, as a whole sit on an array of minerals, and hydroelectricity projects, etc., that are being driven over our roads with their respective profits being reabsorbed and pumped into other areas around the province and country.

They could literally take the pavement that’s being torn up between Rocky Harbor and Deer Lake, Newfoundlandand and pave our roads and it would be in a bazillion-kazillion times better shape than what’s there. I’m not kidding. A monumental improvement. And I know, because I just made the trek in late June.

It’s a shame. A total scandal. Tour buses have literally turned around in the area because the roads are in that pathetic of a condition.

And it breaks my heart. Some of my friends have returned to this area to raise their children. And the driving conditions are deplorable. An accident waiting to happen. I’m talking potholes in the pavement so wide, and so deep you can cross them in a freaking rubber dingy. And this is my home. And these are my friends. My family.

Like, what the hell? The interior of Labrador is still connected mostly by dirt road. Our ferry runs only on a good day, and our roads are not fit to cross. And yet, millions of dollars worth of resources are being shipped out of our region.

It’s, well, it’s not good enough. Far from it. It’s not okay.

And if I were home now, rather than here in Texas, I’d be standing with you guys. A united front is what we need now more than anything, and a government who takes our concerns seriously. Who treat us as equals across a province that’s supposed to stand connected not divided.

And how better to divide the people than to treat citizens of one region as less than those of another. As worth less. As though the lives of our children are somehow less important.

We are watching from Houston guys. And our support is with you. Keep it up.

Labrador strong.


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