A New Orleans Welcome

City blocks that end in corners,
Corners that lead you down
Alleyways where beads are thrown around your neck,
Beads you’ve already bought
Without ever even having known
Because nothing is for free,

And in the French Quartar
A man plays the saxophone
And a woman sings in her
Folky, Janis Joplin voice.

Baton Rouge is still a few hundred kilometres away.
If that’s where you’re headed.

But here in New Orleans
A man twists and turns and ties balloons to create animals, for three giggling little girls, whilst
Perspiration runs down his forehead,
And he’ll charge you for that smile
Cos he’s jus’ tryin’ to make a buck to get on by

And you’re hoping for a drop of rain
Or a break from the heat
But you’re transfixed

For the street itself is dancing to the rhythm of its own beat.




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