It’s feel good Friday again guys. Yay. Friday. My favouriteist (Mandy word) day of the week. Feel good. Just feel good, cause it’s Friday. It’s feel good Friday. Yahoo.

So, what are you up to this Friday? What’s your big Friday plans? Are you staying in and watching a movie, are you heading out dancing with your friends? Supper date with the other half? Whatta ya up to?

Whatta ya at?

Me. I’m in Houston, Texas bobbing around on a donut in my big bros swimming pool, floating, and writing. Writing and floating. This blog ani’t gonna write itself. So, I’m writing whilst listening to my mother and sister in law havin’ a chat.

It’s a 100 degrees here. And girl, I’m getting my tan on. Fun.

And I’m spending time with my three nieces. All of who are super cute and hilarious, and each have their own unique personalities.

These kids tell you what they want and what they don’t want. And I’ve had a tonne of hugs and kisses, and laughter, and heartwarming goodness.

I read somewhere once, if you’re having a crappy day find yourself someone younger than 10 or older than 70 and hangout with them.

Like, these guys are among that small group amongst us who have the world actually figured out.

That’s an interesting philosophy right? So, if you don’t have plans for this Friday go hang with one of those two age groups and have yourself a tyme.

Get back in touch with you. With the joyful spirit of the universe.

Me, I’ll be here, floating in this pool, on this pink donut contemplating my next ice cream.

Though I probably shouldn’t because I ate so much yummy goodness at The Cheesecake Factory last night that it’s unlikely I’ll fit into my clothes once I hit St. Lucia this Sunday.

Oh, gawd, all this vitamin D is making a girl feel amazin.’


The hat I’m wearing says one word. Mermaid. Isn’t that fun? Miss Mandy the Mermaid.


Love always,

Mandy ❤


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