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We are each part of an interconnected human chain. Xx Mandy


19025322_10159011462680160_8262518294590332459_o.jpgI’ve received almost 500 hits on the blog that I wrote about my struggle with depression the other day. Even saying that word out loud or even in my own mind still bothers me. I hate to admit to it. Mostly out of fear of being judged or ridiculed. And the word, ugh, it’s such a horrid word.

For those of you who are reading this, today, or tomorrow or maybe a month from now, I’m going to tell you about a little secret that I learned that might benefit you, if you too, are finding yourself in a dark hole that you’re just unable to climb out of.

It’s the concept of what neuroscientist, Dr. Rick Hanson, refers to as Growing Good in his book, Hardwiring Happiness. The principle is pretty simple. In our day to day life we spend much more time ruminating the negative things that happen…

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