The smell of freshly mowed grass.

When you get the emergency exit seat on the plane. I’m all about that leg space baby.

You buy something and find out at the counter it’s actually on discount! Score.

You have the right amount of change for a coffee.

You land at a parking meter that has several hours left on it.

You park at a parking meter with no change, and upon return you’ve got neither parking ticket.

When you find something you love, and there’s only one of it left and it’s in your exact size. It was meant to be!

Anything one size fits all. That is going to be one comfortable dress.

When you basketball shoot something in the garbage and it actually goes in. I’m Michael Jordan bitches.

Your favourite song comes on the radio, and finishes the moment you pull into your driveway.

And, if you’re like me, you’ve got close to 10k views on your blog! Weeeeeee!



7 thoughts on “A List Of Things That Are Awesome

      1. I have exactly 8545k views, actual blog followers are 54, and a couple thousand from Facebook? Unique visitors are around 5k. How about you? I only share to Facebook but maybe instagram would be a good place to get into too!

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