IMG_2558This is for my fellow bloggers. When I started a month ago, I didn’t really know what to expect, but in that time frame I have collected now over 8000 pageviews. I don’t know how you measure what it means to be doing well in the blogging world, but this is unbelievable to me! I never expected thousands of people to be interested in anything I’d write, and each time I feel so humbled. I’m measuring myself against myself. I’m watching what my audience is reading, and I’m responding to that, while also trying to stay as authentic and real as I possibly can.

I thought about giving up a couple times. I was disappointed when some of the things I thought were great took a flop. But I was more surprised when things I thought would be lame, took off and reached hundreds of viewers internationally. All the coloured in places on the map above are countries that have been viewing!

I have an international audience spanning nearly 50 countries. And each time a new country joins (today it was Hong Kong) I get unreal excited. To the point I actually freak out!

If you’re new to this, keep pressing forward. It’s so fun to connect with other bloggers and to read the amazing content that these writers put together!

So, please keep on writing and keep on reading !




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