It came in on a September breeze 
Like the wind on a weather vane, 
Took all, and then, 
My breath away. 
And in that dreamy haze, 
With not but a single breath,
I watched the leaves 
And then 
Their colors changed. 

Beneath the deciduous tree’s 
Red and orange were scattered everywhere 
And those fallen leaves, indeed, owned their beauty. 

But at once a light wind blew 
And on that autumn day 
And in that open field 
Where I lay, on my back, dreaming of you 
I heard the fall leaves rustle. 

Red and orange, they were scattered everywhere, 
But could, yet, not compare 
To that single falling brown leaf, 
As I, too, began to fall 
Oh, that single brown leaf- 

As floating on the weather vane and 
Caught in the setting ray of the sun 
With a spec of gold upon its blade, 
Caught my heart aflame, 
And like your golden brown eyes, 
Left me weak. 

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