You hear people sayin’ all the time how they shouldn’t have done this or they shouldn’t have done that. That if they’d only had their time back, they would’ve done things differently, etc., etc.

And what’s our normal response to that? Well, we say, “hind-site is 20/20.”

The reality is this. You can only work with what you’ve got. Your experience up ’till now is all you have. You carry a certain number of tools in your toolbox, and knowing what the future holds, or how your decision is going to impact the same, is not one of them.

You can only work with what you’ve got, my dear friend. And to that end, each and every single experience creates learning. Yah, so maybe things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to. But so what? Join the club. Cos, that’s jus’ life. And you’re in the life club. And life, unfortunately, isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Not all the time.

Sometimes bad shit’s going to happen. It just is. And the character of a person, at least in my opinion, is revealed not in how that person handles things when they go to plan, when they go accordingly, but more importantly, how they respond when things don’t work out. When everything, essentially, goes to shit.

Do they turn lemons into lemonade? Can they take a bad situation and find the valuable learning that exists beneath the surface? Do they rationalize that perhaps they are being pointed in a new direction? Or do they, begrudgingly, become transfixed on all that went wrong?

In life, there are no take backs. And you can’t beat yourself up for doing whatever you did, because you did whatever it is you did based on the information and experience that you had available to you at that time.

So, the next time you’re all freaked out because of something that didn’t go the way you wanted it to. Give yourself a damn break. Trust in yourself. Trust in the crazy, wild, beautiful universe.

50 bucks says it’s all gonna be just peachy in the end anyway.





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