So, it’s feel good Friday again. And this week I’m not going to let you down. I’m going to post today, rather than wait ’till Sunday. And we’re down to the last few minutes…

I’m going to tell you about something that I do, and you can too…well, if you wannna….

So, in the past month or so, most mornings, I try to set myself up with an intention for the day, such that I have a day filled with as much kindness and happiness as possible.

And so what I’ve begun doing is this. In the morning, I give myself a quick pep talk. I talk to myself, you know, and I make a promise to myself that today I’m going to be as kind as I possibly can be. And that kindness is completely self-directed.

I’m just going to be super kind to myself. I’m going to treat myself with as much love and compassion as I possibly can. I’m going to treat myself as though I am my own best friend. Because, well, I am.

So, if I catch myself beating myself up, I remind myself, like, I promised myself I was going to be kind to myself today. And I remember it too. It’s kind of like I periodically remind myself that I’d promised myself to be kind to myself. And when I make a promise I keep it and so I do.

And so, I’ll keep setting myself up for kindness, for greatness. Because what you practise grows stronger. And because I owe it to myself. And because when I am kind to myself, I am kind to others, too.

Kindness and happiness are like a pair of giggling sisters walking hand in hand.

Much love,




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