The first day I started this blog, which is, or which will be, exactly a month to the day tomorrow, I remember seeing a fellow blogger having had 18 bloggers like their post. And I remember thinking “man, I’ll never get 18 bloggers to like anything I post.” That seemed like an impossible feat. And I honestly felt it wasn’t in the cards for me. But here I am today, with my first 18 blog likes on a single post. And it’s kind of surreal to me. I’m so happy that you’re reading what I’m writing but more than that I’m happy that you liked it enough to physically like it on my blog.

In one month, I have over 7000 pageviews. Another huge, wow. The fact that I’m opening up about the most vulnerable pieces of my soul, and letting you in on that makes me feel, well, vulnerable. After I post, I sometimes have a little freak attack. I’m still anxious to share these pieces of my heart.

But it is easier and easier with each passing day. It’s like I found this space where I get to write and be me, and at the same time spread some awareness about whatever it is that I feel is important enough to me to talk with you guys about.

40 something countries are tuning in. And I know my friends and family, and all the important people in my life are supporting me on this blogging adventure and that means the world to me.

I can’t honestly thank you guys enough. So, thank you! Thank you, thank you.



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