2AFF3A4F00000578-3181283-Washed_away_In_response_to_her_call_internet_users_have_already_-a-70_1438356638181When anxiety and depression hit without warning. It hits hard. It hits you unexpected. It’s like falling backwards off a cliff, and landing suddenly broken and shattered amongst all the rocks below. And down there, where you’ve hit it’s windy and the waves are crashing. And you’re in a million, trillion little pieces. And you’ve got to hurry and put those pieces back together again.

And so, piece by piece, you collect yourself. You see, it’s only you who can pick yourself back up off those jagged rocks, pick those mangled pieces up off those razor sharp edges, and put yourself back together again.

No one else can do it for you. And you can’t go around it. You need to go through it.

It’s a battle you need to go through on your own. No ones holding your hand. This is all on you.

And what you go through, well, that’s what makes you. It breaks you, and it makes you.

And at all those broken places, what you don’t yet know, is that you’re stronger and more beautiful than you’ve ever been. Than you ever have been.




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