After spending the last week trying to finalize some plans for my next travel adventure, together, with my fiancée, we have settled on East Winds, Saint Lucia.

I was really, really feeling like I wanted something that felt more authentic, something more organic, something private and beautiful and soulful.

And after speaking to the Reservations Manager, Glenda Marthuin, who has already been completely and totally helpful, I am feeling pretty confidant that we have made the right decision for us. To try out this beautiful little piece of paradise.

My mother sat with me and together, over a mother-daughter cup of tea, we marvelled at how beautiful the location is.

And I am so use to living the rugged, travellin’ gypsy lifestyle that I’m really, genuinely, looking forward to just giving my mind, and body sometime to simply relax. To chill man. To just reset. To just stay put in one area, one beautiful location, rather than move from hotel to hotel, city to city, with a backpack weighing me down.

Now, don’t get me wrong, backpacking is a great way to see the world. It’s cheaper. And it’s just one big, huge, gigantic crazy adventure, and so, yah, I love it. And I’ll do it again. Despite the fact that, I may or may not have said, my second year out, when I stepped back on Canadian soil, and having felt just unready to head back to work, that I’d never do it again.

I just needed a break, but instead I felt more exhausted than when I’d left my, at the time, super stressful job in child protection.

It’s just so, so exhausting. And any backpacker will tell you that!

All those trains, and planes, and hotels and hostels. It’s just, at least this time around, time for a change. And change, well, change is good. And this girl needs a place to just unwind. To let go, to live and love, and to let be loved.

Our plan is to rent a car, and drive around the island. I rented a car in Santorini last year, and it was truly the best thing that I could’ve done. It just guarantee’s you so much freedom! I love that word, freedom. The word just feels good moving through me. Freedom.

A much needed, breath of fresh, salty ocean air. You can check out the resort we’ll be staying at here and stay tuned so you can follow me on this adventure!

And also, I’m flying to Halifax this Saturday to spend my sister’s 26th birthday with her. Her and I are a year apart. So, I’m looking forward to celebrating Halbot sister style.

Oh, and also, she has agreed to let me borrow her car to head to Halifax so I can renew my passport!

Much love,



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