This evening, while havin’ a shower, I caught myself thinking ahead to a bunch of things that I have to do. And then I said to myself, you know, let me just feel that water on my skin, and just enjoy this present moment. In this moment, everything in my life is pretty good. So how about I just let myself just live here fully and  entirely and just be. Just be present. Present, in this present moment.

You know, it’s as though we get so caught up in the future and the past that we, or at least I, sometimes forget that the now is really all there ever is.

The past only exists in the recreations of our minds. In our recollections and in our memories. And memories are wonderful, but when we begin to dwell on and get stuck on living in the past, we lose out on essentially living at all. It’s like being stuck in a rut. Living in the past is harmful. Generally, it’s the dwelling on past experiences that lead to feelings of regret, remorse, and therein depression.

When our focus shifts to the future, we instead get caught up in the anxieties of what could or might go wrong, the “what-ifs?” which is , obviously, also completely unhelpful. As I have said in an earlier post, most of the things that we worry about happening, never actually happen. They just don’t. So where’s the sense in worrying about things that likely are never going to happen? I mean, really, it’s just nonsense.

In the present moment, from moment to moment, is the only time that we actually just exist as we are. The past is, well, it’s dead. It’s dead and gone. The future, well, the future hasn’t yet arrived. Thus we only ever, really, actually ever exist in the present moment. This is where we are alive. This is where our breath moves in and out of our bodies. This is where we have control over how we can respond and react to varying situations. And it’s in the now, in the present moment, that we can choose to be happy, or work towards building our happiness.

In the present moment, we can handle crap. We can carry whatever difficulties life throws at us. I believe that. I really do.

Our anxieties about the future, are often built on the foundation of irrational, complex, and unrealistic creations of our minds. The past, sometimes becomes unbearable in the way that we recreate it or remember it. The way we dwell on it.

But in the present moment, from second to second, we are able to deal with what comes at us. Most times, things are pretty much okay. In the present, we can deal with whatever it is we need to deal with. We have the tools and the strength to do so.

Shit happens and life can be hard. But we need to stop focusing on the past and the future because we are essentially missing out on our lives. Life is moving past us and we aren’t appreciating the moment. The feel of your newborn baby against your skin, the taste of an ice cream, the fresh air moving in and out of your lungs.

Living occurs in the now. We are only ever alive in this moment. This moment right now. While you’re reading this, and while I am sitting here.

This is all there really is. So, when you ask what time it is. Be prepared for this answer, the time, my friend, is now. The time is always now.

Mandy ❤



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