IMG_2477I’ve noticed that there are a tonne of posts on wordpress with recommendations, you know, on how to blog, when to blog, how often to blog, etc.

And, you know what? I don’t want to follow a formula. I think formula and I think math. And the hell with math on this blog.

So, I started worrying that maybe I’m blogging too often, maybe I am over-saturating my audience. And I’m sorry if that’s the case. But that’s okay. Because I also thought, you know, who am I writing this blog for?

I’m writing it for you, the reader, but I’m also writing it for me, Mandy. I’m writing it to get my ideas down. To try to navigate better through the hallways of my mind.

I have all these thoughts, and all these ideas that have been just gathering dust. And it’s like, I’m bursting to get it out there.

Somewhere between the creativity that’s so stolen from trying to fit the mould in university, and then trying to establish myself in a career, I haven’t had the time to write. Not like I use too, anyway.

So, it’s like I’m trying to clear out this old house. But this old house is my mind. And here and there I find an old valuable picture or trinket and so I stop, and I sit with it for a minute. Those trinkets and those valuable pictures represent the hardest battles of my life.

It’s like, I have this stack of words that are all held up, stored up inside of me. And they’re screaming at the top of their lungs.

So, I stop what I’m doing and I write. And I take a breath of fresh air and hang that picture up in my new home.



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