Tonight, whilst talking to a fellow blogger. About, well, blogging. Duh. I said to this gal, this blogger gal, this gal who shares some commonalities with yours truly, the following,

“Just write whatever moves your soul and it’ll be good. People don’t want perfect. They want relatable… I have had an issue with perfectionism for so long that I literally put all my fucks in one basket and threw them out to sea.”

And on that note, I must send out a public apology to my mother, who I have told, half believingly, that I would try to swear less often. Not in real life coz that’s not happening. But in my blog posts.

It’s just something about that good ol’ fashioned f word that puts a little extra spunk in my step.

Nigeria and Estonia, welcome to

It’s a pleasure to have you onboard. And please, readers, read at your own pace. When I feel like writing, I write. And it’s been a lot lately. I write because I love it.

I’ve thought about slowing down, but whenever I feel like blogging, I’m just going to blog. And you can decide what it is that YOU want to read. This is your place to choose what you read or don’t read. When you read or don’t read. There are no rules here. You do you. Read what appeals to you and ignore what doesn’t.

If you want to get in touch send me an email at or via the contact page.


Much love,



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