You know that feeling when you’re jus’ trying to take a nap and suddenly you become like the most popular person on planet earth. Your brother calls you, your mother calls you, your fiancée is calling you. And some of them have already called twice.

And so the phone is ringing. And you want to ignore it, but then you worry that if all these people are trying to reach you then maybe something’s up. Maybe the world is coming apart at the seams and you’re sleeping through WW111.

So then you answer the phone only to realize that everyone jus’ wants to have a chat with you. Right now. Like, what? Why? They’re waiting around somewhere, and the universe, while knowing that you’re trying to just have a freaking nap, decides to mess with you a bit.

“Hey, let’s give Mandy a call right meow.”

Like, “NOOOO.”

I’m literally the kind of person who’s seriously kinda contemplating having children because naps are so important to me. They mean that much to me. Like, needs my nap, bro. Needs it.

If you love me, universe, just let me nap.



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