Because you breath; I breath easy,
 Because you exist,
 I will sleep sound tonight.
 And because your brown eyes burn into me and
 Strip me of my sanity
 I go on

Because you read; I read more often,
 Because you can hold a conversation about the works of Blake and Wilde,
 I will finish Tolstoy tonight.
 And because your hand can lay upon my chest and
 Make my heart beat to no unrest
 I go on

Because you told me about your God; I told you all about my own,
 Because of that place you think you’ll go when you die,
 I will kneel in prayer tonight.
 And because through you I realize my own lack of worldliness and
 I melt in each and every kiss
 I go on

Because you watched the election; I watched every last debate,
 And because of our differences in opinion,
 I realize we may not always see eye to eye.
 And because you pulled me by the hand and
 tried to make me understand
 I fell in love with you.

Because you feel the music; I explained to you my dreams,
 And because you understood what I meant,
 The record player spins on and on,
 And because you inspire me-
 And because I love the sound of your voice,
 And because I quiver when your near,
 And because and because and because . . .

I am yours now and always. 

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