My mother reminded me yesterday that I didn’t write a feel-good Friday blog as promised. Yes, of course. My mother is a regular reader. And so, she’s telling me I promised something that I have failed to deliver. On my second Friday out from making that very promise.

Well, there’s a reason I forgot. You see, I drove the Labrador highway on Friday. And crossed the ferry, and drove the rest of the way to Corner Brook. A total of roughly 11 hours. Mostly over dirt road. And once you factor in the 1-and-a-half-hour ferry ride, I wasn’t feeling so feel good. It was more like a feel tired kinda Friday. A feel really, really tired kinda day.

So, today, I’m going to tell you a feel-good Friday story. It’s Sunday. But let’s just pretend that it is Friday. For the sake of it. Lots of you guys have a holiday tomorrow, so let’s just go with it being Friday for a couple minutes. And I’m going to tell you one of my favorite, completely and totally awesome travelling stories.

Here goes!

I was in Dublin in 2015, on the day that Dubliners voted for the right to same sex marriage. The city was packed with young college and university students who returned home to cast their vote. For me, the right to love who you want to love, and the right to marry that person shouldn’t be a question. I don’t even get why it is a question. Like, seriously? If two people love each other, let them love each other. That’s your right, man. That’s your basic human right. At least in my opinion. And as it turned out the opinion of the overriding majority of Dubliners.

I was in Dublin on the day Dublin passed the law allowing same sex couples to marry. The place was on wheels. It was huge. A monumental day. A day propelling Ireland and the world entire into the future. It was a win for democracy. A win for love. And love, wins in my books every, single, time.

So, get this. On the day that this vote was cast, and the history of one of the most traditional Catholic strongholds was forever changed, the world got a sign from God. In Dublin city, guess what filled the sky? Just guess. Fucking rainbows. There were rainbows everywhere. Like actual, literal rainbows in the sky.

Now, if you don’t know, or you live under a rock, rainbows are used by the LGBTQ community (that’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community) as a symbol to represent their pride in their sexuality, their sexual orientation. So, try and tell me that wasn’t a sign from the universe. And I’ll tell you you’re wrong.

The universe was all like, “finally.”

You tell me God is not okay with same sex marriage, and I’ll tell you the fuck he’s not. God or the universe or whatever, just wants us to be freaking happy. To love and be loved. To love and treat other people with kindness. With respect.

So, congratulations Ireland! And thanks for allowing me to party it up in your fine city on one of the most historic days in your history.

While walking through the city with my gal pal that day, a woman, who was finally able to marry her love, asked us whether we would be getting married. My friend, turned quick and said, “she wishes.”

Well, we all had a laugh at that. All four of us. All four of us with the same right, regardless of our sexual orientation, to love whoever we wanted to love and to marry that person.

And next year I’m getting married to the love of my life. I didn’t have to fight for that right, but I stand by the LGBTQ community.

What a mind-blowing day. I mean, actual rainbows in the sky. It’s just so hard to believe. The irony is just too unreal. It was a blatant sign from God. I am convinced.

Anyway, I stand up for equal and fair opportunities.

And, most importantly, I stand up for love.

Love always, Mandy


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