I love to travel. Love, love, love it. I actually have a tattoo of the world map on my right foot. Which I had done while in Dublin at the end of my backpacking trip in 2015.

The Irish tattoo artist who did it, essentially advised me where we were in the world, in that beautiful Irish accent of his, as he moved through each country, sweetly talking me through a kinda continental alphabet.

“New Zealand is done, Japan, East Asia… Now we are here, in Ireland. Next stop, Iceland.”

“Please just make sure you can see Newfoundland and Labrador,” I told him.

I am a sucker for pain. And it hurt like hell. South America, in fact, hurt so bad, that the border of Ecuador actually is inexistent.

But anyway. To date, when I have travelled, I have mostly done so with my girlfriends, or alone, so imagine how excited I was yesterday when my husband-to-be, after weeks of me tormenting him, came home from work and was all like… “Okay, so, let’s look into St. Lucia.”

“St. Lucia?? Seriously??” Oh my god. Yay.

I’m already picturing myself sitting near the ocean, with a drink in my hand, and with my love by my side. A much-needed weeklong retreat to paradise. Naps, and beach chairs. Sunsets, maybe even a sunrise. Or not, because I do love to sleep. But hey, I could have a nap later. So, who knows!? The salt off the ocean. The salt in my hair. The sand under my feet. Sounds wonderful. A dream.

But now I have to get to a passport office to renew the passport that I have, le sigh, let expire. Oh no! A $600 plane flight from the nearest Newfoundland office kinda hit me like a reality check about, say, two minutes ago.

But here’s to obstacles and seeing if I can overcome them. I’m up for a challenge. And a rental car, and a beautiful place to just reset. So, we shall see. I’ll keep you posted!

I will also share a spread on our (fingers crossed) vacay so you, too, can enjoy.



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