So, are you a Toronto Blue Jays Fan? If you’re like me, and a Canadian, then there’s probably a half-decent chance that you are. I mean, the one Canadian team that play in the MLB. Lots of us Canadians are behind the Jays right? Am I right?

Well, get this, Blue Jays pitcher, Roberto Osuna just recently threw us a curveball. The guy suffers from anxiety. I know, right? You’d never think it.

Another homerun for the Jays, at least in my books. It’s just another sign that we are getting more comfortable, as a society, with publicly announcing that we suffer from mental illness. And that’s a huge win. And to that end, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, a pro athlete or a social worker, rich or poor. Anxiety knows no bounds. And athletes are human like the rest of us.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sorry to hear that he has to endure mental health struggles. I wouldn’t wish this shit on my worse enemy. But at the same time, it has a powerful impact to know that we, those of us who do suffer, are really not alone.

In the world of sports, to admit to that, well, that takes guts. Sure, I sit here at home and I write about my struggles. But the world isn’t watching me. Coming out and sharing something so personal and so vulnerable, and on such a public platform takes courage. It takes strength. It really does. Even on this blog I still feel anxious sharing stuff that is so personal to me. But I do it because I remember how alone I once felt.

When speaking of his anxiety, Osuna said that “when [he’s] not on the field, that [he] feels weird and a little bit lost.” And you know what? There is no weakness in that. There are a tonne of us in similar boats, and we are riding the waves.

So, if people are wondering if this makes Osuna less tough, it doesn’t. It makes him even more kickass than he already was when I hit up a game in the post-season last year. Where I, ironically, wore his last name on my back.

Go Jays. And, I’m behind you Osuna!

Let’s break down that stigma! x


One thought on “Jays Pitcher, Roberto Osuna, Admits To Struggling With Anxiety

  1. Haha too funny, , my last comments on your story of anxiety were basically the same thing,,, I wrote it before I read this one, ,, keep up the great efforts,,,, there’s so much good and positivity passed on to others this way ,,,,


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