So, having a sister is pretty much one of the greatest blessings a girl can have. You know that no matter how bad things get, there’s this one person in the whole wide world who will always have your back. Who will never let you down. Who knows everything about you. And I mean EVERYTHING.

She shares your childhood memories. Your ups and downs. Your clothing. Your socks. Your phrases. Your jokes. And sometimes she even begins to confuse whether it was you or her who that story she’s re-telling to a group of friends actually happened to…

You appreciate her brutal honesty, you look to her for comfort. Because you know she’s got your back.

And she knows what’s best for you. Even when you don’t yet know it yourself.

So, here’s TEN adjectives to illustrate my relationship with my sister, and a famous Mandy-Julie conversation to go with it.

She’s Persuasive

Sister: “Will you come with me?”
Me: “No.”
Sister: “Please”
Me “Still. No”
Sister: “I’ll buy you a poutine.”
Me: “K, gimme a sec!”

She’s Honest

Me: “How does this look?”
Sister: Shakes her head, “it looks terrible.”
Me: “Okay, taking it right off, right now!”
Shuts bedroom door and thanks God for the mercy of my sister’s brutal honesty.

She’ll Share

Me: “Hey, can I share that couch with you?”
Sister: “No”
Me: “Please?”
Sister: “Okay, but only if you get a blanket.”
Me: “Okay, you want a pillow too? (Doesn’t wait for a reply) Be right back.”

She’ll have a drink

While in the same location:
Me: “Want me to pick up some beer?”
Sister: “I’m already drinking some. Picked it up earlier. Hurry home!”

While apart:
Sister: Want to Facetime later and have a glass of wine?
Me: I’m having one right now. Call right meow!

She’s kind

Sister: I like that shirt
Me: Oh, thanks!
Sister: It looks really nice on you.

Two days later, and she’s wearing my shirt. . .

Sister: It doesn’t look as good on me does it?
Me: Yeh, it’s 2 sizes too big for you b’y.

She’s a Nerd, like me.

Me: Did you read Anna Karenina?
Sister: Yes
Me: Yah right.
Sister: I did.
Me: Sure, yah right, tell me what happens then?
Sister: Anna has an affair with Vronsky…Levin is super awkward but eventually marries Kitty…
Me: IT TOOK ME 6 MONTHS TO READ THAT GOD DAMN BOOK (me unable to comprehend anyone else on planet earth has read the most widely acclaimed best book of all time.)

She Catches on Quick

Me: How would you mind cleaning down the washroom, you’re way better at it than I am?
Sister: Oh my, okay.

1 Week later

Me: Hey, would you mind cleaning down the washroom, you’re way better at it than I am?
Sister: You’re just saying that to butter me up so I’ll do it.
Me: Well, hey, would you mind making the pizza, you’re way better at it than I am?
Sister: Oh my, okay…

After pizza is made, and we’re eating it whilst watching the comedy network or intervention or young and the restless.

Sister, stops mid-bite and says:
Fuck, I fell for it again, didn’t I?
Me: Noooooo…

She ‘s Crazy Too

Me: I did something really stupid last night.
Sister: What this time?
Me: I don’t want to tell you.
Sister: Okay then don’t worry about it.
Me: Whispers stupid thing I did to sister even though it’s only two of us in the vehical.
Sister: All girls are cray-cray, don’t worry about it. I’ve done that before too.
Me: Really?
Sister: Yes, maid.

She’s Always There for Me

Sister: You don’t sound like you’re okay?
Me: Just one of those days..
Sister: Want to talk about it
Me: Nah really, not today.
Sister: Well if you do you can.
Me: Thanks
Sister: I love you, Mandy.
Me: I love you, Julie.

She Knows I have her best interest at heart

Sister: So, do you like him?
Me: Nope, he’s an asshole.
Sister: Jeeze, you can give him a chance.
Me: Gave him two chances.

3 months later…

Sister: yep, he was an asshole.
Me: Love you Julie.
Sister: Love you, Mandy



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