It’s twisting-turning my head heavy,
The silence, and then,
Sleep moves in; in-
hale; you breathe against my back, exhale,
And I am wide awake.
For the first time in my entire life
I am wide awake.
Inhale; exhale; inhale,
Your arm, in sleep, presses a-
cross the distance from one world
into another, and
my reality becomes blurred-uncertain.
For, I long to be there, there
in your uncontrolled
and with you,
I cannot travel
Into your unconscious thought, and though
Even if I begged,
That’s your place,
Not mine.
Tonight, though I hope, I am there,
And that you can feel my head on your chest
And your hand pressed against my heart.
Or, perhaps: I’m standing in some doorway,
Someplace smiling, in some distant
Far-away place neither of us have
Ever been,
And I’m not as young as I am now.
No, we’re not as young,
Not as young, as we are now.


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