17-peche-icebergs-800x532.jpgHere’s a list of my 10 favorite things to do on the South Coast of Labrador

Labrador is amazing, and if you haven’t been then you really must go. Put everything else in your life on hold. I mean, so what, if you’re daughter is getting married this summer! You need to come to Labrador! Just kidding. You do that and then come and visit us. Here is a list of my most absolute favorite things to do on the South Coast from June-September.

1. Whale Watching

In the latter parts of June, earlier parts of July it is not uncommon to see tens of whales jumping in the Straits of Labrador. From Red-Bay to L’Anse au Clair. You can marvel as this amazing and totally gigantose mammal lives and just exists in its completely natural habitat! The whales, unbeknownst to them, put off a live show for whatever audience happens to be standing near the shores that day!

2. Capelin Rolling

So, the capelin rolling, like I have addressed in earlier posts is one of my most favorite things in the whole entire world. You can watch as thousands of capelin roll in on the beaches. It’s so amazing. This usually happens in the latter weeks of June, beginning of July and is strongly correlated with whale watching. Whales chase the capelin into the shores, and so, for your best shot at capturing both events you should visit Labrador during the same timeframe.

3. Get Yourself Some Fast Freddy’s

I am a huge fan of take out. I love a solid poutine and deep fried chicken. Or just, what we call, bay food. Essentially, any food that is made in a small shack in any small community outside of St. John’s. Fast Freddy’s is absolutely awesome. I am seriously craving it right now! Go get it, right now.

4. Take a Hike to Schooner Cove

Schooner Cove is like a 3o minute hike from L’Anse au Loup, my beautiful home community. When we were kids, we’d often walk out there with a bookbag and have a picnic. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and calm. And you can get a completely different perspective of my home town as you can see the shores of L’Anse au Loup from there. Families of O’Dell’s use to once live in Schooner Cove. And those people are, as we say, a TYME. They still have summer homes in the area. It’s so beautiful. And fun as hell.

5. A Trip in Boat and Cod-Jigging

When the food fishery opens in the straits it’s a great time to find someone and get out on the big, bad sea and do some cod-jigging.

I’m going to be completely and totally honest. In my whole life, I was only privy to this experience twice. But it was the most fun that I think I’ve ever had. Being out on the salt water, and riding those waves in a speed boat is cool enough as is.

But you put down a jigging line. Boy. The whole dynamic changes. You can seriously pull cod out of the sea, one after the other. And have I mentioned how much I LOVE cod fish. Oh my god. I love cod! And talk about fresh. Out of the ocean and on my plate?? Um..yeh. I’ll go with that. Thanks.

6. Salmon Fishing? Hmm…why not??

My Dad and bothers would often take long trips to the huge Pinwear River salmon fishing, beginning in June. When all of my brothers eventually left home I asked dad if he’d take me. So he did. We got up at the break of dawn, drove to the river, walked this huge, completely awkward, scary, daunting path to the river.

Boy, could my dad move through that path. I was literally like asking him to slow down. 150 lb 20 year old, begging my 50 something year old dad to cool it bro! How fast you think I can move through here.

Anyways, my dad let me “play a fish” a couple times, and then, screamed at me unintentionally as each one got away. Eventually, in an effort to make me feel better, told me that the water was colder, or something, and so the fish were less active, and that’s why I was unable to actually catch one.

This may have been an elaborate scheme to make me feel a little better. Or. It might be a fact. But anyways, I loved those summer days when my dad would take me salmon fishing.

7. Hit Up Dots Bakery

So, you’re in need of a coffee? Dot’s got it. You’re in need of a sweet treat? Dot’s, dear, they’ve got your back! You want a poutine. Get yourself to Dot’s. A cookie, a pasty, some soup, chili, a blizzard ice cream. Go to Dots! And it’s the quaintest, cutest little coffee shop on planet earth. I stop in whenever I happen to go through town.

8. Point Amour Lighthouse

You want to see the most beautiful lighthouse that Atlantic Canada has to offer. It’s actually the second tallest in the whole country. You can climb a tonne of stairs and overlook the Straight of Belle Isle, all before going and having some soup at Dot’s. Check out this lighthouse, guys, in Point Amour. You won’t be disappointed.

9. L’Anse au Clair Beach

I love the beach in L’Anse au Clair, and I always have. It’s absolutely beautiful. Some of my best memories involve heading up there for Canada Day festivities and having these huge fires. The L’Anse au Clair folks are SO easy going. It’s a great spot to talk to some locals and find out what’s going on during whatever time you’re vacationing!

10. Head to the Tobac for a Scruff b’y

Oh, the Tobac. Which is actually, “Cabot” spelled backwards, a common surname in the area, is the place you want to head to if you’re looking to have a good time, and get a little buzz on. The music is literally all over the place. Like it’s a surprise everytime a song comes on. But the crowd? Oh dear. You wouldn’t be able to beat it if you tried. So get a beer, grab your shoes, or don’t and get out for a dance!

11. Spot an Iceberg!

It’s not uncommon to see an ice berg floating in the ocean in the summer months. In fact, there’s usually plenty. What’s even cooler, is when the sun, shinning down on the berg all day, causes the berg to shift and flip or collapse making a thundering sound!!

So! Come visit us this summer! I have another 10 things I’ll tell you about later!!




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