Creativity, Vibes, Poetry, Music and the Collective Consciousness

So, I’m going to talk about something, and you’re probably going to think I’m smoking drugs, but seriously, I’m not. So here goes!

I feel like poetry and music, too, come into existence from that same realm of immense awareness that eternal peace, stillness, oneness and understanding are fixed. Poetry and music are derived from that space, that godliness or spirit that lives in all of us. The great poets and musicians of the past and of today were and are blessed. They were blessed with some ability or some insight into that realm which most of us do not have regular access to but which we get a glimpse of from time to time.

Like when something is so beautiful it leaves us speechless and creates a calm inside of us. Or when we get this beautiful feeling wash over us and we stay with that in the present moment. The monks, who spend hours upon hours trying to reach that space, have greater access to it than those of us who catch a glimpse of it from time to time…But I do believe that all of us have been there.

To me, this is the same space where, at least I believe, great ideas are born. This just total place of complete calmness, where an intuition or an instinct makes us go “awe’ha!” This is where I think, creation and creative ideas initially begin to take root.

I’m not speaking of just poets and musicians. I’m speaking of great inventors, scientists, engineers, etc. Whenever I write a poem, and by no means am I trying to say I’m a great poet, but I feel like it’s arriving from someplace deeper than the neuro pathways of my brain. I feel like it comes from my spirit or from some form of a consciousness that is unique from my own. I think of this as like the collective human consciousness.

Like when you’re hanging out with your friend and the both of you have the exact same idea. Or you’re thinking the same thing. When we google something, it’s already been googled. I think that’s because as a species we are so biologically the same, but also, because there’s this spirit that runs through us that is composed of generations of knowledge and of consciousness. Like are ancestors are always with us. And we are born with that.

When I write, it’s just so automatic. I’m not thinking. I’m just writing. And to that end, I think this is why I love to write. It’s like an escape. A small escape into some gap where I can get a break from my brain. Maybe that doesn’t make sense? I promise I am not high while I’m writing this.

This might sound silly to you, the reader, but I totally believe in the greater collective consciousness, that the vibes of people move through and are innate in each of us, and that, ultimately, this is what God is. Just this overriding stillness, peacefulness, calmness, this absolutely beautiful and perfect space.

Maybe for some of you who were thinking maybe I was out of it before, you have reached an indefinite conclusion.

But this is jus’ what I believe.

Mandy ❤


9 thoughts on “Creativity, Vibes, Poetry, Music and the Collective Consciousness

      1. I shall get into that! I need to create a new twitter account! I spend more time writing than I do networking… technology is not really my thing! Ha! But eventually when I get on, I’ll follow your site there as well!

        Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, how does everyone keep up? I just want to curl up with a good book and/or write!

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