Let me Linger, Dear

Let me linger, dear, a while longer in this cozy oversized sweater
Oh, let me linger here,
With this book in my hands
And bask in the warmth of these wool socks
That your momma knit for me

Let me linger, dear, for a moment or two longer, in this faded pair of blue jeans,
Oh, let me linger here,
Take a polaroid, if you like,
With that sun on my face
While I’m sipping a beer on our backporch

Let me linger, please dear, for just a short time longer in your t-shirt,
Oh, let us linger here,
And let’s play cards by candle light,
With Dylan playing on the ol’ cassette
In the cabin your father built
With his bare hands.

Let me linger for a little longer
Oh, sweet dear
Let me stay and linger here,
In a passing compliment,
And the warmth of this cup of tea.
And with that old guitar on your lap.

Let me linger, dear,
Oh, just let me linger here a while.

Mandy Elaine ❤


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