9 years ago, I graduated high school. Wore a prom dress, delivered a valedictorian speech, and thought I knew something. How wrong I was!

High school didn’t prepare me for anxiety, for heartbreak, loss, for failure. For filing my own taxes, for investing my earnings in a meaningful way..

It didn’t prepare me for friends, and for best friends, that I would lose along the way.

Tonight, I asked my best friend in the entire world if he would go back and start over. He said, “yeh, why not.”

And my reply, “I’d never want to do high school again.”

But after I thought about it.. I remembered volley ball tournaments, and an ice hockey game where a good friend of mine, who has since died, took his stick and tapped me along my shin pads.

I remembered my first kiss under a full moon, I remembered the first person I ever loved, I remembered sleep over’s and being in tent all night with my girlfriends, and listening to the radio first thing in the morning.

I remember 7:15 and my mom having tea, and my dad washing his hair while kneeled on a towel leaning over the faucet. I remember wearing my sisters socks and stealing her clothes. And I remember family baseball games, and mothers and fathers days, and birthdays.

And I thank God. I thank God for high school.


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