Hi and Welcome,

This is just a safe space for me to write about anything, and everything that I feel motivated to write about.

Some of what I post might be, for the reader, just plain weird. Maybe some stuff will lead you to feel inspired to write about whatever it is that moves you or touches your soul.

I have battled with anxiety for some time now, so some of the posts will touch on that. I consider myself to be a very spiritual person, so that element might also come out. If the material doesn’t float your boat, move on. Life’s to short to read shit that you don’t want to read. And hell, I don’t want you to read it if it’s going to bore you senseless.

But if you do find comfort in anything I have written, leave a comment, ask a question. Invite me out for a beer and a chat. I also like wine. And Bob Dylan.

Mandy Elaine ❤

This photo was captured by yours truly at the Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is among my top 3 cities that you have to visit! An enchanting city. But, more about that later. x



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